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Suzuki's Clean Ocean Project

Suzuki is the world’s ULTIMATE OUTBOARD MOTOR brand. Suzuki’s commitment, however, doesn’t end at excellent quality and design, it extends to responsibility and ensuring a pristine marine experience.

Suzuki prides itself on providing the ultimate marine experience, which requires a healthy and clean marine environment. This is why Suzuki is leading the charge in cleaning our oceans through our global “Clean Up the World” initiatives.


(1) Clean-Up the World Campaign

(2) Reduce Plastic Packaging

(3) Collect Marine Micro-Plastic Waste

Ultimate outboard motors


For over a decade Suzuki Global have, every year, been voluntarily conducting the “Clean-up the Wold Campaign”. This has helped contribute to a better marine environment with more than 10,000 people having participated globally.

Suzuki Africa has participated in our own Clean-up the World events. From coast to coast, we invite all our clients to stand with us in our commitment to preserving the breath-taking splendour of our marine ecosystems for years to come.

We believe the actions taken by Team Suzuki around the world are a positive step forward to a cleaner marine environment.


As well as encouraging and participating in the “Clean-up the Wold Campaigns”, Suzuki is making huge efforts and strides in reducing the plastic packaging from our products. This is being done by replacing them with eco-friendly materials.

It is believed that approximately 3.1 tons of plastics will be reduced annually, if all packaging of marine genuine parts are replaced by these eco-friendly materials.

At Suzuki Marine, we are determined to do our part.


Our engineers at Suzuki have designed and added new cutting-edge technology to our outboard motors, in the form of a Micro-Plastics Collecting Device (MPC). This device enables our outboard motors to collect micro-plastics without affecting the engines performance, nor harming the environment.

This incredible tool (a global first) enables Suzuki boaters to actively take pat in the reduction of micro-plastic pollution of the world’s oceans.

Suzuki Marine, are proud with our endeavours to help keep our marine environment pristine, and we are committed to continue to encourage others to follow our lead.

Ocean clean project
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